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Green In Eugene

In a city known as the “emerald city” it's important to try and keep things green! After just one year of our event, we knew it was important to focus on green initiatives to help minimize the environmental impact of an event our size.  So after our inaugural year (2007) we went to work to implement efforts that we continue to use today.  Each year we strive to better our efforts and implement new green strategies to keep it "Green in Eugene."  

  • 2008 (only our 2nd year) we became the first race in Lane County to "go green."
  • November, 2008 Runner's World recognized our green efforts and named the Eugene Marathon a "Top 10 Green Race in North America!"  

Some of our Green Initiatives:

Goodie Bag: In 2012 we took a major step toward staying "Green in Eugene!" We partnered with Virtual Race Bags to poduce 'virtual goodie bags' for participants.  Registered participants receive an email invitation to the Virtual Race Bag before and after race day.  In the bag folks will find an array of valuable information including exclusive offers, coupons, givewaways and messages from partners! Note: Participants still receive the commemorative reusable goodie bag and a few quality samples at the expo.

Valet Bicycle Parking: In 2014 we partnered with The Center for Appropriate Transport (CAT) to bring our participants and spectators an easy and affordable way to get to Hayward Field!  People just bring their bike to the southwest corner of the UO Knight Law School. CAT volunteers safely store the bikes until people are ready to leave! 

Waste Free Oregon: We employ Waste Free Oregon and "master recyclers" to help divert 80% of the garbage generated from our event from landfills. WFO works with us before, during and after the event to ensure we are taking necessary steps to help achieve such a high diversion rate.   Learn more about the amazing work they do to help keep Oregon "waste free."

Educate: Keep volunteers, workers and runners informed of our goal to be Green in Eugene

Water: We've worked hard to reduce our dependance on bottled water by over 1/3.  Now, many water stations use the city’s water supply to hydrate runners, not only eliminating the bottles but also the transportation that goes into providing water to 17 stations around Eugene and Springfield.  Our water sponsor, Earth2O, provides reusable jugs at all other water stations.

Green Mountain Energy® Green Ticket: Eugene Marathon partners with Green Mountain Energy Company to provide participants with the opportunity to offset a portion of their CO2 emissions created by traveling to and from the Eugene Marathon.  Do your part to green Eugene by adding the $5.00 Green Mountain Energy® Green Ticket to your marathon registration. By doing so, you can offset the equivalent of 440 pounds of CO2. That’s like recycling 1,080 aluminum cans, not driving a car 490 miles, or as much as 26 trees can absorb in one year!


Signs & Printing: We make every effort to reuse signs and banners from previous years.  We work with a local printer (Green Solutions Printing) to print brochures, maps and handouts using recycled paper with a minimum of 55% recycled content and soy basked ink.

Recycling Toolkits: Utilize the City of Eugene's "Recycling Toolkits"

Donate: After the race we donate all leftover food (from the Pasta Dinner, Finish Line & Pancake Feed), discarded clothing and extra race shirts to charities in need.  



10 Things to Reuse/Recycle from the Eugene Marathon

  1. Race Shirts - Send old shirts to Haiti, Africa, etc…  Make a race t-shirt quilt. Check out: www.toocooltshirtquilts.com
  2. Medals - Donate to races like the ReRun Run.  They reuse medals and shirts from local races. Or make a windchime from all your old medals.
  3. Space Blankets - Good for reflecting light in indoor gardens, make great halloween decorations, or can be used as packing material
  4. Water Bottles - Can be refilled once or recycled
  5. Goodie Bags - Great all purpose bag
  6. Clothing - Any clothing left behind at the race is donated to Goodwill
  7. Food - Leftover food and drink is donated to Food for Lane County or the Eugene Mission
  8. Shoes - Donate your used running shoes to Nike.  They recycle them to make things like basketball courts.  Drop them off at the Nike Store in Eugene. 
  9. Gel Packets - Roll your empty gel pack and put it in your pocket to drop in the next available trash bin!  These are the hardest clean up item for the marathon crew. 
  10. Transportation - Use alternate transportation to the Eugene Marathon. Take one of our shuttles from Valley River, Eugene Hilton or Lane Events Center.  Bike or walk to the start/finish. For longer distance travel, you can use PickUp Pal and make sure to purchase a Green Mountain Energy® Green Ticket to offset a portion of your CO2 emissions created by traveling to and from Eugene. You will be given the option to add the $5 Green Ticket to your shopping cart when completing your race registration.

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