26 Eugene Legends

On race day you will truly be Running in the Footsteps of Legends.  The "26 Eugene Legends" - from distance runnners to coaches - have made a significant impact on the running community, local and worldwide.  Click Here to see some of the 26 Eugene Legends' accomplishments!  Email us to nominate a new legend.

"In the Footsteps of LEGENDS"

MILE 1: Bill Hayward

MILE 2: Tom Heinonen

MILE 3: Bill Dellinger

MILE 4: Marla Runyan

MILE 5: Kathy Hayes

MILE 6: Kenny Moore

MILE 7: Bill McChesney Jr

MILE 8: Phil Knight 

MILE 9: Alberto Salazar

MILE 10: Steve Prefontaine

MILE 11: Rosa Gutierrez

MILE 12: Annette (Hand) Peters

MILE 13: Matt Centrowitz

MILE 14: Liz Wilson

MILE 15: Mike Manley

MILE 16: Mary Decker Slaney

MILE 17: Jon Anderson

MILE 18: Leann Warren

MILE 19: Jim Hill

MILE 20: Cathie Twomey Bellamy

MILE 21: Melody Fairchild

MILE 22: Maria Mutola

MILE 23: Rudy Chapa

MILE 24: Brad Hudson

MILE 25: Joe Henderson

MILE 26: Bill Bowerman


Daniel Duffy Swantek
Marv Rexius
Michael DeRobertis

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