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We're at the starting line of a 26.2 mile discovery of what makes the Eugene Marathon an unforgettable time. We start with the legacy of Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike and creator of the first waffle running shoes. Exactly 51 years ago today on February 3, 1963 Mr. Bowerman organized his first Eugene community jog, the first of it's kind in the United States. This July you can finish a race on the same historic track where he coached famous athletes and inspired a nation to embrace the sport of running.
You run with passion. For the love of running. For the love of being alive. For the love of your health. For the love of meeting challenges head-on and overcoming them. This July take your passion for running to the Eugene Marathon and, with every step of your 26.2-mile adventure, fall in love all over again. Fall in love with yourself, your unique journey and your distinct abilities. Embrace them. Passion runs deepest for those taking the road less traveled. And love is sweetest for those who know the obstacles and forge ahead anyway.
The world's top athletes are leaving the Winter Olympics in Sochi today. Did you know 1600 top athletes from up to 212 countries will be cheering you on in the Eugene Marathon this summer? The IAAF World Junior Championships come to Eugene this July, featuring the world's best athletes under 20 years old. The Marathon caps off the week-long Run TrackTown festivities, proving this town loves runners of every ability from every corner of the globe.
Timing is everything in life. As a runner, you know that better than most. And now is the best time to register for the Eugene Marathon this July. Entry fees go up tomorrow in fact. Don't miss an unforgettable time at the best price. Register up for the 2013 Eugene Marathon today.
Training just got a little brighter today with Daylight Savings Time. New Zealander George Vernon Hudson first proposed the shift in timekeeping way back in 1895. A few decades later, a fellow Kiwi named Arthur Lydiard just happened to be the one who popularized the sport of jogging and introduced his philosophy and methods to his friend Bill Bowerman, who then brought it to Eugene and America. So go for a daylight jog this evening and give thanks to two.
March 17 is St. Patrick's Day and legend says St. Patrick chased all the snakes of Ireland into the sea when they attacked him while he was involved in a marathon. A marathon session of fasting that lasted 40 days. While we don't recommend fasting for 40 days, we do recommend running 26.2 miles in Eugene this July. And you won't have to worry about snakes.
Eugene loves running - and runners. Where else can you find "TrackTown Tuesdays" where the community gathers together to get the inside scoop straight from coaches, athletes and event organizers? It's why the Eugene Marathon this July is a true runner's event. Here in Eugene, running is embraced, supported and celebrated. If you're in the Eugene area tonight, join us for TrackTown Tuesday from 7-8 p.m. at the Downtown Athletic Club. It's free and a great way to connect with fellow runners and citizens of TrackTown USA.
Spring has officially arrived and it's time to get outside. Being active in the great outdoors is our birthright. Our minds and our bodies crave the stimulation of the air and the elements. Humans were born to run and born to do it outside under the sky and on toiip of the earth. Experience your primal heritage at the Eugene Marathon this July. Held entirely outdoors, just like Mother Nature intended.
In recognition of April's Fools Day, below are four things happening at the Eugene Marathon this July. Three are real, one is not.
Can you guess which one?
  1. One runner will attempt to set the Guinness World Record for Rubik's Cube completions during a marathon.
  2. One runner will be wearing a loincloth.
  3. R. Lee Ermey will reprise his role as Bill Bowerman in the movie Prefontaine and cheer on runners.
  4. Beating a giant pancake in the 5K will win you a years supply of Krusteaz pancake mix.
Next Tuesday marks Tax Day, which is all about paying your dues. That's something runners know a lot about. You can't just get up from the couch and go run a marathon. There's training. There's preparation. There's planning. The right fuel, the right mindset. You have to tackle obstacles in your way. And though Uncle Sam won't throw you a party for paying your taxes, this July the Eugene Marathon celebrates all the runners who've paid their dues.
You know the power of endurance. It's the physical hallmark of our species. Through thousands of years, that fire still burns inside you. Now 100 days away, the Eugene Marathon this July beckons you to unleash that millennial-old intensity and push your endurance to the limit. You know what's required. Tenacity. Resolve. Persistence. Perseverance. Run to prove them. And you know the rewards. Triumph. Achievement. Pride. Conquest. Run to claim them.
Yesterday was Easter and kids across America ran their hearts out, baskets in hand hunting Easter eggs. Your little runner can participate in the Kids Duck Dash at historic Hayward Field the day before the Eugene Marathon in July. With a family-friendly atmosphere and plenty of fun, participants will come away with a commemorative t-shirt, a memorial medal and can chow down at a post-race pancake breakfast. Perfect for kids and an unforgettable way to introduce them to the Eugene Marathon.
Boston. New York. Chicago. Eugene.

As the 117th Boston Marathon wrapped up last week, we celebrate Eugene's potential to host one of the top destination marathons in the country. As athletes from 212 countries arrive at historic Hayward Field in July for the weeklong IAAF World Junior Championships with the Eugene Marathon serving as the capstone event, Eugene is ready to stake its claim as the spiritual headquarters for every genuine runner in America. Don't miss an unforgettable time at this year's Eugene Marathon.
April 22nd marked the 44th Earth Day. Did you know the Eugene Marathon was named a "Top 10 Green Race in North America" by Runner's World magazine? By using innovative items such as virtual goodie bags and reducing dependence on bottled water, the Marathon diverts 80% of the waste generated by the event away from landfills and really does keep it "Green in Eugene". Enjoy cutting-edge sustainability and an unforgettable time at the Eugene Marathon this July.
Mothers know life is not a sprint. It's a marathon. This Mother's Day we give special recognition to the moms who do it all for their kids, their families, their friends and their communities and still find time to pursue their passions. This July, join hundreds of mothers at the Eugene Marathon as they put on their running shoes and show us how it's done.
We run to express our freedom and this Memorial Day we salute those whose sacrifice makes pursuing our passion possible. To all of the fallen soldiers whose sacrifice inspires us to live freely, our gratitude is eternal and you are never forgotten.
During this week in 1971, after seven years as Blue Ribbon Sports, the fledgling sports apparel company founded by University of Oregon track coach Bill Bowerman and student-athlete Phil Knight officially became Nike, Inc. Now 43 years later Nike is synonymous around the world with athletic excellence, superior quality and marketing innovation. This July celebrate the legacy of Eugene's best-known global success story 50 years in the making. The Eugene Marathon ends at historic Hayward Field-where it all began.

Beat the June 1 registration price increase.
As the Prefontaine Classic kicks off tomorrow at Hayward Field featuring the world's best track and field athletes, we salute an Oregon native son and one of the running world's most electric athletes. "Pre" set the mark for dedication, raw competitiveness and athletic brilliance. Feel the inspiration yourself when you run in his footsteps at the Eugene Marathon this July.
Science and appetite collide at the traditional pre-Marathon carbo-load. Your muscles need all the glycogen they can handle and you can fill up at the Eugene Marathon's annual Pasta Dinner the evening before the race. Held behind the West Grandstands at Historic Hayward Field, come for the great food then stay for the one-hour high-performance professional track meet featuring athletes from Oregon Track Club Elite. You're fit and trained. Make sure you're all fueled up and ready to run - don't miss the Pasta Dinner.
We're at mile-marker 20 of what makes the Eugene Marathon this July an unforgettable athletic event. The finish line is getting closer and we're only 48 days away from the Marathon. You've been training hard, preparing your body and mind for the challenge ahead. Eugene has been preparing hard too, committed to bringing you America's premier summer marathon. Get your running shoes ready and don't miss out on an unforgettable time next month at the Eugene Marathon.
As we celebrate Flag Day this Saturday, we look to next month when 211 other flags will join America's in Eugene at the World Junior Championships. Featuring the next generation of track and field and running athletes, the IAAF World Junior Championships - Oregon '14 are a premier global event. And this year, they'll be capped off by the running of the Eugene Marathon. Don't miss an unforgettable time as elite athletes from around the world cheer you toward the finish line. 212 countries, no passport required.
Chances are good the first person you ever challenged to a one-on-one race was your dad. Maybe he even let you win. For Father's Day, we send a salute to all of the dads who teach us, encourage us and inspire us. This July, join hundreds of fathers as they lace up their running shoes and enjoy an unforgettable 26.2-mile time at the Eugene Marathon.
Today marks the Summer Solstice and the official start of Summer. In Oregon, Summer is our best-kept secret. The rain and clouds depart. Cool nights give way to crisp mornings and low humidity keeps conditions perfectly comfortable. Summers in Oregon bring some of the best running conditions you can find anywhere in the world. Experience it for yourself this July at the Eugene Marathon. Beautiful weather and a fast course all in the heart of TrackTown USA make for an unforgettable time.
Runners are by nature unique creatures. They follow their own path and do things most people won't. Sacrifice, persistence and achievement all start from within the individual. Don't miss your chance to showcase your distinctiveness. Monday is the last day to secure a personalized bib for this year's Eugene Marathon. Wear your individuality for all to see.
This July at the Eugene Marathon, cross the finish line into history. The University of Oregon's Hayward Field is hallowed ground for runners and track athletes the world over. During this week in 1972, Hayward Field played host to the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials for the first time. It's slated to make it six in total with the hosting of the 2016 Trials. This July the Eugene Marathon ends at Hayward Field, the historic home of American running.
Nothing is more a pure expression of independence than pursuing your passions. We choose them and we choose to chase them. This Independence Day, we salute those who pursue their dreams without apology. Celebrate your passionate pursuit at the Eugene Marathon on July 27th. We guarantee you an unforgettable time.

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